LIGA LIBE, z.s. is an Association that was founded on 9 June 2018 with the transformation of the original platform, the Petition against the regulation of weapons and means of self-defence by the EU.[1] This petition was launched in 2014.   

The Association is primarily concerned with representing the interests of Czech owners of legal weapons and security as such. It is the largest and most significant organization of its kind in the Czech Republic, often being compared to the American NRA (the world’s largest and oldest association defending legal weapon holders). The Association’s presidium consists of 4 representatives – Pavel Černý, Carla Cizova, Bohumil Straka, Jaroslav Pekařík.[2] The Association became known to the public thanks to the frequent appearances of its president, Pavel Černý, in the media, but above all by initiating and successfully enforcing the constitutional right to defence with arms in the Czech Republic, as the only country in the world in modern history. Thanks to the Association, this groundbreaking legislation has been received positively in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, in the Government of the Czech Republic and in the Senate of the Czech Republic. Within the framework of the constitutional anchoring of defence using arms, the Association initiated two petitions (one of the largest ever in the history of the Czech Republic), which eventually received over 204,000 signatures, including signatures of all the highest constitutional representatives.[3] The efforts for the aforementioned constitutional change in the Czech Republic culminated on 21 July 2021, when the Senate of the Czech Republic finally approved the proposal.[4] The Association is also a player in the European protest note against the ban on lead in ammunition and fishing lures, with 1,800,000 citizens joining so far (as of July 2021). The name Liga Libe stands for Liga LIdsko-právní BEzpečnostní (the League of Human Rights and Safety).

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