How long will the Petition run? How much time is there for sending?

Please send it as soon as you have several sheets (at least 3 – 5), because we need the first 10,000 signatures in hand for the Chamber to meet. However, we will continue getting signatures (until we win), so please don't stop because there is a lot at stake and the signatures will definitely be needed for government offices and possibly to the senate again…

Is there an electronic Petition somewhere?

NO – because such an electronic Petition is not valid according to our laws. It is only to get an idea or symbolic, at most. It is not possible to resolve an electronic Petition with politicians or force them to take any action because citizens have no right to have anyone deal with such a Petition. Therefore, it is not possible to fight from the comfort of your own home by clicking on a mouse. If you really want to do something for your guns, don't be lazy, take the paper you download (see website below) with the Petition sheet, grab a pen, sign it and better yet, ask people around you to sign it as well, so that you have at least one full sheet of signatures and then send it or bring it to one of the collection locations.

Where should the signed sheets be sent?

Address for sending is written on every New Petition and signature sheet (Pavel Černý, ESP, Hyacintová, etc.)

Where are the Petition locations?

Download the New Petition and signature sheet HERE.

Where can I download the New Petition and signature sheet?

Download the New Petition and signature sheet HERE

Can a younger minor sign the Petition?

Yes, a person younger than 18 years of age may also sign the Petition if he/she "understands the purpose and meaning of the Petition“ (the legal interpretation).

Can I send scanned copies of signed sheets by e-mail?

No. It is not possible to send scanned copies. According to the law, only original signatures are valid, therefore, the sheets have to be sent by post…

Can people, who do not have a gun license also sign the Petition (note: People also ask this question frequently…

Yes. This is even more valuable (worth more bonus points) because it is then linked to an explanation and spreading the necessary word to the less informed public, who we will definitely need to have on our side.

Where can I get stickers and other promotional material?

Currently, stickers and promotional items can be picked up at the Euro Security Products shop (Prague) and at ALFA – PROJ (Brno) or at Pokud máte zájem o samolepky zdarma, napište si o ně v objednávce.

How can I put the Liga Libe logo on my profile picture?

Read detailed instructions HERE.

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